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Important tips for SBS Inkigayo SNS Points

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Goan Social Chart

SBS inkigayo will be taking Gaon social points as its SNS points, which contributes 35% of the total points for SBS Inkigayo ranking. You can do as much as you can.

Also remember: their system detects your comments about KHJ - whether they are positive / negative.
So DON'T use any negative words together with his Korean full name, 김현중.
It should always be his Korean full name + song title + positive comments.

TVtalk or 엠앤TV톡

You need to search and install this app on app store or the android market to support KHJ.
You can pre-vote for KHJ for SBS Inkigayo (5% of total) as well as live-vote (10% of total) in case his song is among the top 3.

Search for the app using the keywords TVtalk or 엠앤TV톡, or go and download at the App Store / Market via the respective links below.
iTunes App Store

Android Market

How To Register 

 How To Vote

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong is bringing his sexy back with his 3rd mini album, 'Round 3'

Photo credit to Facebook Kim Hyun Joong (Keyeast)
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Greetings to all Henecia members and fans of Kim Hyun Joong around the world,

Just as many of us are just starting to rest and relax this summer after the excitement of Hyun Joong's Japanese Album, 'Tonight', our namja has sprung another surprise on us. That's right. 
After two years of quiet in Korea, Hyun Joong is bringing his sexy back with his 3rd mini album, 'Round 3'. So what does it mean? 
It means it's TIME for Henecia and Kim Hyun Joong fans from around the world to gather their strength and show their support! So come one, come all! =)

Behind every successful star, there are legions of loyal fans. Are you one of Kim Hyun Joong's fans? Because if you care that much about him, there are a lot of hard work to be done - work that we all do in the hopes of shooting him to the first place, to win awards, to smile that bright smile of joy and euphoria...and most of all, to know that we really love him and are always behind him.

Okay, so the album is going to be released in Korea this time. And as many of us know, to win the charts in Korea, there are a few things to be considered, namely: Digital Sales, album sales and online votes.
For those who may not know what Digital Sales is, it's simply the downloading (i.e. legal online purchase) and streaming (i.e. listening to them while online) of songs and ringtones, which is done via various online music stores in Korea, i.e. Melon, MNET, Soribada, Bugs, and Dosirak. As is usually the case for us at OKT, we too will do our part for Round 3's Digital Sales.

An important update on Digital Sales:
For the download and streaming of songs on Melon, the company no longer needs a Korean ID to register, though it still needs an extra verification of identity via a Korean phone line. 
But no worries, we can help you with this if you wish to get your own ID to download and stream Hyun Joong's album. 

Firstly, just register your own ID using your own email address and do your normal verification of the email (Click here for tutorial). Then, send us your ID, with the required amount of money, and we will help you to verify the ID in Korea, as well as to top it up with the equivalent cash amount (so that you can use it for streaming/download) and return the ID to you. The download on Melon costs 600 Won per song (but it requires a minimum top-up of 1100 Won per ID); to enable your ID for streaming and download, you will need to top up 6600 Won - which will allow you to stream unlimited number of songs for 1 month and download 1 song. 

As for MNET, we are still working out the details about the new registration. So we will update that when things are clearer. 
But in the meantime, the price for streaming for MNET, per ID, is 6600 Won. To download 1 song in MNET costs 660 Won.
We do accept donations if you are keen to help, to support him, but is short on time or just doesn't want the hassle of dealing with the technicality of the Digital Sales.  You can donate a gift certificate that costs USD$11 (per certificate), which will then allow us to download about 15 songs. Please do contact us at if you wish to donate.
Here is a helpful link you can refer to for different ways to support

Come on gurls... Let's do our best to show our man we're still right behind him! =))

Friday, June 14, 2013

Here's a huge bow and thank you from all of us at OnlyKHJtimes.

Actor/singer/Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong has set another record, selling over 100,000 copies in a week for three singles straight. Kim Hyun Joong released his third Japanese single, ’Tonight’, on June 5. A source for Oricon stated on June 11, “Kim Hyun Joong has a set a record for a Korean solo artist, male or female, promoting in Japan by selling over 100,000 copies of a single in the first week, for three singles straight.”
Kim Hyun Joong previously set a record for the most copies sold in a day for a debut album released by an overseas artists in Japan. His first single, ‘Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy’, was released last year in January. He has continued his record-breaking streak by selling over 100,00 copies in the first week for his subsequent second and third Japanese singles, ‘HEAT’ and ‘Tonight’, respectively.
Tonight’ sold a total 116,000 copies in the first week, placing second after SMAP. (Source: soompi)

Dear Henecia members and fans of Kim Hyun Joong who supported our 606 project.

Here's a huge bow and thank you from all of us at OnlyKHJtimes.

We are very happy to report that our purchase target of 606 copies of 'Tonight' was successfully achieved with your generous and undying support for Hyun Joong-ssi.

We must also say that every dollar and cent that was received in this project was especially invaluable to us because it was also an indication of the level of trust that was accorded to us from fellow fans from all around the world. It is truly humbling. Thank you once again.

Yes, our little project only involved 606 copies and yes, it is a small amount compared to the total 116,000 copies sold. But as in every endeavour in life, every little bit of effort helps. So to all who have contributed, congratulations on having helped shoot Hyun Joong to #2 on the Oricon weekly chart on the first week of the release of ‘Tonight’, right after the hugely popular home-group, SMAP. Truly, that is no easy feat.

Now, as is our practice, we would like to also give a brief update on the bulk purchase that was carried out. The purchase of 606 copies was spread out over a period of 14 days, with the help of an OKT coordinator in Japan. There were a total of 45 donors/contributors. In no particular order, we have listed their names below:

Special thanks to Japan Fans who  helped us in purchasing & carrying the cds to Korea :-

·         Riko
·         Shigemi
·         Rumi
·         Mikitty
·         Junko

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The information below is sourced from:
Translated by OnlyKHJtimes ( / @onlyKHJtimes on Twitter)
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*In Japan, the most important thing is volume of albums sold, as recorded by the Oricon.*
Here are few sites that non-Japanese fans can look at to preorder their copies now: CDJapan site, HMV ( and, all sites are in English. For HMV, go here for step-by-step instructions (in both Korean + Eng) on how to order. All these sites count to the Oricon.

If you read Jap, you can go to to order too. You can start from here: and just search for his name in Jap キム・ヒョンジュン. Of course, there's also the DATV site to order if you read Japanese too. Basically, all Japanese sites that sell the album will count to the Oricon. So if you're ordering from a Japanese site, no worries, it will count.
(NOTE: DATV shopping website doesn't accept the order from overseas)

Friday, July 27, 2012

[NEWS] Yamapi defeated by KHJ; Jap media sarcastic, J Ent lost face

Original source:
News link: (Dated July 19, 2012; 10.36am)
Translated by: OnlyKHJtimes ( on Twitter)
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Tomohisa Yamashita (Yamapi) 
Tomohisa Yamashita totally defeated by Kim Hyun Joong; Japanese media sarcastic, J Ent lost face
According to the latest Nikkan Gendai issue, Tomohisa Yamashita's single 'Love Chase' was totally defeated by Hallyu singer Kim Hyun Joong, who is regarded as a 'rookie' in the Japanese music industry, on the Oricon weekly charts.
Kim Hyun Joong's single HEAT sold 183,478 copies in its debut week, placing no. 1 on the Oricon weekly chart in the period between July 2-8, with a significant gap from the 2nd-placed Tohomisa's 'Love Chase' (118,981).
The Nikkan Gendai article termed Tomohisa (Yamapi) as Johnny Entertainment's 'Ace level' (elite idol), and, "Now (he's) lost to Kim Hyun Joong who is of the rookie category, resulting in a grave atmosphere throughout Johnny Entertainment. (But) because Yamapi belongs to Johnny Entertainment, so all Japanese media became very evasive – and dared not play up the news of Kim Hyun Joong's victory; with some media completely ignoring the news, with not even a word of mention - to protect Johnny E's face," said an industry insider.
Oricon weekly chart July 2-8

Although the media had consciously tried to minimise the effects (of KHJ's win) on public opinion,  it still couldn't change the fact that Yamapi had been defeated.
"His manager is Iijima, who nurtured the national heavenly group, SMAP. This kind of 'shame' is unbearable."
Looking at the matter objectively, the enviable results achieved by Kim Hyun Joong's single this time was closely related to the series of PR activities that he had conducted.
"But losing on the charts still means losing."
Before this, Kim Hyun Joong was the leader of SS501, starred in the Korean dramas 'Boys Before Flowers' and 'Mischievous Kiss', (thus) became a familiar face to the Japanese audience. After signing up with Bae Yong Joon's artist management company, the momentum of his development became increasingly strong.
"Recently, Bae Yong Joon's schedule is almost blank, so a considerable portion of (his) fans has switched to Kim Hyun Joong. The latter would also be starring in a Japanese drama - his development in Japan appears optimistic."
Interestingly, many Japanese netizens have left comments like "Yamapi and Kim Hyun Joong really look too alike, but (Hyun Joong) looks more 'man' than Yamapi", "Don't know who is Kim Hyun Joong, but it is clear that Yamapi's singing ability is average/nothing special. Being defeated on the Oricon chart is to be expected."
The article in Nikkan Gendai said that since Yamapi was transferred into the management of Iijima, his solo career did not seem to experience much improvement. On the contrary, the continued decline from bad to worse "has caused others to ridicule that for the sake of sales, he would even cast aside his status to joke around in variety shows and organise hand-shake tours to court fans".
"But Iijima is still a capable woman and how she will turn around the decline of Yamapi will draw attention."

Translator's note:
1) Nikkan Gendai = is a weekly tabloid-sized magazine
2) Johnny Ent is perhaps the biggest entertainment company in Japan, with acts like Arashi, Jin Akanishi, Yamapi, and the legendary SMAP under them too.
3) It should also be noted that when this article came out in Nikkan Gendai, many Japanese fans responded online that Kim Hyun Joong's rising popularity isn't because of Bae Yong Joon's declining popularity, as suggested by the article.

Friday, June 29, 2012

YOU made their dreams come true...Thank you!

Some were a bit camera shy, some were grinning from ear to ear, happy and excited. One pair even wrote a big Thank-You note in Japanese to thank her Japanese sponsors. Yes, every single one of them was touched and grateful. And so, from the bottom of our hearts, are we. =))
*Because of work, voting, a bout of sickness and flying about, this very important blog post was delayed. To all the kind sponsors and friends who worked tirelessly - without so much as even one word of complaint - to pull this little project through, our apologies and thank you for having waited so patiently for this update*

Two months ago, we wrote about some kind, generous folks of Henecia from the United States, Singapore and Canada who wrote in to us out of the blue, saying that they wanted to sponsor fans who couldn't afford to go to Kim Hyun Joong's first Asia Fanmeeting Tour 2012, which would be held in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and 4 other cities in China (Bangkok wasn't yet in the itinerary at the time).
Some of these sponsors couldn't fly all the way to Asia to attend the fanmeetings themselves, so decided to donate what little they have so that others could go on their behalf.
We were very surprised and very honoured to get their offers and so quickly arranged to buy tickets and linked them up with deserving fans. Then, we wrote an open letter to all HJ's fans out there, that we would work with anyone else who also wanted to similarly sponsor less well-to-do fans so that they can attend HJ's concert at least once in their lives.
The response to that open letter was...TREMENDOUS.
Donations poured in, particularly from Japan, Singapore and US.
From the total amount received (from the very first email), we managed to arrange for 9 sponsored fans to go to Singapore, 27 to Hong Kong, 55 to Taiwan's 2-day fanmeeting and 1 for Guangzhou. 
We were also able to purchase 20 extra tickets at a special price and gave them to several children and their parents/guardians from a home for the underprivileged in Taiwan, 北區家扶中心 (English version: Taiwan Fund for Children and Families) to attend the 2nd day of the TW fanmeeting, on May 19th. 
For the protection of these kids and their families, the home has a very strict policy regarding the publication of pictures. Hence, to abide by their policy, we had to 'treat' the pictures of the sponsored individuals. 

Altogether, there were 10 children, accompanied by their respective guardian/parent, who came that night, though we only received 8 thank you letters from them. Hehe... Apparently 1 or 2 of them were siblings. Maybe that's why. =))

Briefly, they wrote about how excited they were when they got to know that they would have the chance to watch the concert of 'Korean superstar Kim Hyun Joong', live. Some tried to describe how high the atmosphere was, and how they too were swept off their feet in the excitement. Some praised Hyun Joong's songs and what a rare and memorable evening it was for them. And at least 2 letters ended with the children sweetly promising that they would study harder in the future too, erm, perhaps as a way to show their appreciation? No, we didn't make them promise that at all. LoL...Truth be told, the thank-you letters from them were actually a surprise to us, as we hadn't been expecting them at all. This project in Taiwan, together with the 55 pax sponsorship, was hugely aided by a dear friend, one Ms Annie and other Henecians in Taiwan. Thank you so much for all your efforts!
Apart from the sponsorship of 27 tickets, we also printed 1000 posters to be distributed and put up in several K-pop friendly places in Hong Kong to raise more awareness of the fanmeet there. This was only achievable with the help of our OKT HK member, and her friends. She was also the point-person who handled the HK sponsorship project for us. Thank you very much Ms Alice! On the same note, thanks must also go to Ms Angela of SG, who facilitated the sponsorship project in SG. Big-big hug, girls! =)
But above all, the biggest thanks must go to all the amazing folks of Henecia who donated and made this whole sponsorship project in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan as well as Guangzhou possible.
Thank you...because your generosity this time made many dreams come true. Because of you, so many were able to watch Hyun Joong perform, LIVE, for the very first time.
In no particular order, allow me to list these kind, generous folks here. 
[@ = denotes Twitter IDs]
1)    @Lycheerose
2)    @Illublue
3)    @LuvKHJ4ever
4)    @Aixianzhong
5)    @howlovelylala
6)    @Lafone0606 (and a big number of her blog followers)
7)    横山恵子 (Ms Keiko Yokoyama)
8)    Ms Yukiko Fukuzawa
9)    Ms Ami Wong
10)  Ms Emily Dang
You guys are simply...daebak. =) Once again...thank you. xoxo....XD
Two grateful fans also wrote back to tell us their experience. We didn't request for any account up front so getting to read their words after the FM was really wonderful. One is a short and sweet message from Ms Janny (email capture) and another is a more detailed and touching one from Ms Kiara ~ you can read about it in the document below.

From sponsored fan, Ms Janny
Ms Kiara's account of her first KHJ fanmeeting

And lastly…

A pic says a thousand words, what more a montage - so I think there're at least 16,000 words in here. XP~ 
The collection above shows Kim Hyun Joong's Asia Fanmeeting 2012 in SG, TW, HK, and Guangzhou. These were the 4 out of the total 7 stops (now 8 including Bangkok) that we actually twitted live updates from. Thanks U:zoosin...and all the incredible folks of Henecia that we have met and befriended in the course of this fanmeeting, for the incredible memories. You made the 1st half of 2012 awesome for us. We are now very much looking forward to Hyun Joong's drama comeback through City Conquest in the 2nd half of 2012. When that happens, then 2012 would be just PERFECT. =))

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Are Henecians fighters or are we quitters?

Mnet 20's Choice voting period: 
2012. 06. 07 (THU) 18:00 ~ 2012. 06. 27 (WED) 24:00 [Korean Standard Time]

A few of us here in OKT had the opportunity to attend a few of Kim Hyun Joong's recent Asia Fanmeeting Tour in various Asian countries. And in the finale of the China leg of his FMs in Beijing, he said this:
"I don't know how many more years I can stand on the stage.
I also don't know when all of you will forget me..."

And we read somewhere recently, a devoted fan of his said this: 
We don't know how many more occasions can we still vote for him, do something for him.
But when he still needs us - and when we are still able, still can - don't miss out on the chance, don't slack off. 
What we can do for him now, apart from going for his shows and supporting him with the loudest cheers and fanchants, the brightest light-board and the biggest U:zoosin to show our love and support for him through popularity polls.

Which brings us to the on-going Mnet 20's Choice poll now.
Yes, you may say that the situation is very clear...that we have no advantage to speak of...and that we are way behind. That there is no way in hell we are going to win this.
But for all the love Hyun Joong has shown us, through his free gifts, free showcases, and through his increasingly open communication with us now no matter how awkward he feels inside...for the dazed but gentle smiles he still wears despite his near-collapse fatigue sometimes, let's take on this poll for him!
Regardless of whether we win or lose, we should first give this our BEST! Have you given your best? Or have you, like some others, think that the margin is too far to give chase, so you just do the bare minimum, or not at all?
Are Henecians fighters? Or are we quitters? 
Come on gurls, let's show Hyun Joong what we can do for him! 
By the volume of our votes, let us tell him that we have not forgotten him...and that we will always be right behind him.
There are 10 more days to D-Day...
So...can HJ count on you to fight for him till the end?
Palli! Hana, dul, set! VOTE! =))

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The HEAT is ON! Are you with KIM HYUN JOONG?

Hyun Joong's 2nd Japanese album, HEAT, will be out on July 4 and the pre-order has already started! Have you booked your copies yet?
There is one key thing that all Hyun Joong fans should bear in mind this time: the release of HEAT will coincide with the release of albums by a few other artistes this round. Among them are: 2AM+2PM, as well as the popular Yamapi (Tomohisa Yamashita). They need no introduction. So girls, you know what we're up against. The fight is ON. Let's give them some HEAT! Pre-order now! If you have difficulty, please ask. We will try our best to assist you. In the mean time, follow the sites below. It is really not hard. Hwaiting!

The HEAT is on and the enemies are not amateurs. So...ARE YOU READY, gurls?! 

*In Japan, the most important thing is volume of albums sold, as recorded by the Oricon.*
Here are two sites that non-Japanese fans can look at to preorder their copies now: CDJapan site and HMV ( Both sites are in English. For HMV, go here for step-by-step instructions (in both Korean + Eng) on how to order. Both these sites count to the Oricon.

If you read Jap, you can go to to order too. You can start from here: and just search for his name in Jap キム・ヒョンジュン. Of course, there's also the DATV site to order if you read Japanese too. Basically, all Japanese sites that sell the album will count to the Oricon. So if you're ordering from a Japanese site, no worries, it will count.

Some of you may wonder: there are as many as 5 different versions to Hyun Joong's HEAT album, which should we buy? ALL will count to Hyun Joong as his 2nd Japanese album's sales figure. That means there is no difference which version you buy. THE MORE, THE MERRIER.

Note1: Hyun Joong's 1st Japanese album placed 2nd on the Oricon chart previously, and created a new record for the highest sales number for a foreign artiste! Let's shoot him to No. 1 with HEAT this time!
There are 5 HEAT versions: Limited Edition Type A, Limited Edition Type B, Limited Edition Type C, Limited Edition Type D + a Normal Edition. Please buy all if you can. For more info on what kind of album HEAT is all about, check here. From all accounts, it's set to be a historic album! =)

Note2: Hyun Joong will be having a special showcase at SAITAMA Super Arena, Jap, on July 15 to commemorate the release of HEAT. To apply to attend the event, you must buy all 5 versions. HURRY - it's on a first come first serve basis!