Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong's new Japanese single 'HEAT' is ready for pre-order!

In Japan, the most important support is the sales of CD/albums.

Hyun Joong's 1st Japanese album placed 2nd on the Oricon chart previously, and created a new record for the highest sales number for a foreign artist!

So Henecia, Triple S, order your copies of the hot 'HEAT' asap + let's shoot him straight to NO. 1 when the album is released!

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[The details of Kim Hyun Joong's new single, HEAT]
The lyrics of HEAT are by Mr Inaba, while the melody is composed by Mr Matsumato, the legendary musicians who make up the hugely popular rock group (duo), B'z. They have had some 24 years of history in music, but this is the first time that the duo is writing and composing songs for others under the name of B'z.
On top of that, Mr Inaba recorded the chorus of the song, while Mr Matsumoto lent the awesome sounds of his guitar into the melody.
It is truly a single that has much to be looked forward to, on top of being quite a historic piece of musical collaboration!

There are 5 versions for HJ's new single.
You need to purchase all 5 versions to apply for a special event that Universal Music Japan will be organising in conjunction with the release of HEAT.
One batch of 5 versions will qualify for 1 application.
The full details of the event will be announced later by JAPAN OFFIAL and UNIVERSAL MUSIC.

-The 5 versions-
LTD A: CD (HEAT / Let’s Party) + Special DVD A (which is different from LTD B) = 1600 yen
LTD B: CD (HEAT / Let’s Party) + Special DVD B (which is different from LTD A) = 1600 yen
LTD C: CD (HEAT) + Special package = 1000 yen
LTD D: CD (HEAT) Special price = 500 yen
Normal Edition: (HEAT / Let’s Party) = 1200 yen
(Note: LTD = Limited)
If you order all 5 version from DATV's shopping site, you’ll get a special DVD (inclusive of 15-min unpublished BTS footage.)
But please note that DATV shopping doesn’t accept overseas shipment.

P/S: Sorry we are a bit too busy these days with the FMs. Once we have compiled information about where overseas fans can buy HEAT, we will upload into the blog.

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