Sunday, June 17, 2012

Are Henecians fighters or are we quitters?

Mnet 20's Choice voting period: 
2012. 06. 07 (THU) 18:00 ~ 2012. 06. 27 (WED) 24:00 [Korean Standard Time]

A few of us here in OKT had the opportunity to attend a few of Kim Hyun Joong's recent Asia Fanmeeting Tour in various Asian countries. And in the finale of the China leg of his FMs in Beijing, he said this:
"I don't know how many more years I can stand on the stage.
I also don't know when all of you will forget me..."

And we read somewhere recently, a devoted fan of his said this: 
We don't know how many more occasions can we still vote for him, do something for him.
But when he still needs us - and when we are still able, still can - don't miss out on the chance, don't slack off. 
What we can do for him now, apart from going for his shows and supporting him with the loudest cheers and fanchants, the brightest light-board and the biggest U:zoosin to show our love and support for him through popularity polls.

Which brings us to the on-going Mnet 20's Choice poll now.
Yes, you may say that the situation is very clear...that we have no advantage to speak of...and that we are way behind. That there is no way in hell we are going to win this.
But for all the love Hyun Joong has shown us, through his free gifts, free showcases, and through his increasingly open communication with us now no matter how awkward he feels inside...for the dazed but gentle smiles he still wears despite his near-collapse fatigue sometimes, let's take on this poll for him!
Regardless of whether we win or lose, we should first give this our BEST! Have you given your best? Or have you, like some others, think that the margin is too far to give chase, so you just do the bare minimum, or not at all?
Are Henecians fighters? Or are we quitters? 
Come on gurls, let's show Hyun Joong what we can do for him! 
By the volume of our votes, let us tell him that we have not forgotten him...and that we will always be right behind him.
There are 10 more days to D-Day...
So...can HJ count on you to fight for him till the end?
Palli! Hana, dul, set! VOTE! =))

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  1. Quitters are just for losers.And Alien soldiers are fighters.Win or lose,let's play by the rules.Putting all our effort together there's always possibilities in every challenge.How can we protect the Prince if we simply give up w/out the fight.That would be a cowardly act.Would HJ be proud even though he didn't asked~~...