Friday, April 27, 2012

To all the kind, generous folks of Henecia...Thank YOU!

Like Kim Hyun Joong, many of his fans are truly generous + inspiring individuals. ~ Salute!
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Dear friends from the world of Henecia,
Surprisingly, we got a few emails from some truly generous and kindhearted Henecians from US, SG and Canada in the past week. Knowing that some fans could not go to the FMs because of $ issue, they sent us $ to buy FM tickets for fans who desperately wanted to go to the FMs = whether in SG, HK or TW.
So far, we have managed to hook up 2 PH friends, 2 TW students and 1 MY to go to TW (The PH and MY peeps pay for the lodging and flight themselves. We just give them the sponsored tix).
Coming up, we're going to hook up 5 more deserving fans to go to the SG FM.

We were genuinely surprised and felt honoured how there are fans who CANNOT come to the FMs themselves or feel that since they can, they want to help others who desperately want to see HJ at least once in their lives. As this message is written, 1 more generous Henecian from SG has pledged to sponsor 2 fans.

Seeing this trend of generous Henecians who truly want to help, we decided to write this short, open letter to all HJ fans out there: If you feel you want to be a sponsor for fans who really want to go for HJ's FMs but can't afford it - and if you feel you can trust us with your money - email us at onlykhjtimes[@], and we'll talk. Please hurry, as the FM dates are edging closer as we speak.

Briefly, here's our role: We will advise you about what to do, buy the tickets for you (be it in SG, TW or HK) and arrange for fans to go for the FMs.

We are only offering to do this with the SOLE intention of combining our efforts in the best way possible, to give practical support to HJ. If you do not trust us, please by all means, ignore this message.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Warmest regards,
OKT (OnlyKHJtimes)


  1. yo quiero apoyar, cuanto cuesta el boleto??

    1. por favor, envíenos un correo electrónico a la