Friday, July 26, 2013

Important tips for SBS Inkigayo SNS Points

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Goan Social Chart

SBS inkigayo will be taking Gaon social points as its SNS points, which contributes 35% of the total points for SBS Inkigayo ranking. You can do as much as you can.

Also remember: their system detects your comments about KHJ - whether they are positive / negative.
So DON'T use any negative words together with his Korean full name, 김현중.
It should always be his Korean full name + song title + positive comments.

TVtalk or 엠앤TV톡

You need to search and install this app on app store or the android market to support KHJ.
You can pre-vote for KHJ for SBS Inkigayo (5% of total) as well as live-vote (10% of total) in case his song is among the top 3.

Search for the app using the keywords TVtalk or 엠앤TV톡, or go and download at the App Store / Market via the respective links below.
iTunes App Store

Android Market

How To Register 

 How To Vote


  1. Thank you for detailed manual!!! It is really helpful.

    One question on TVtalk. I tried to download this appli from Apple store Korea, it was rejected. I tried to create an account for Apple Store Korea, but it required a residential address in Korea. How do you manage to download this appli ?

    1. Hello,
      Where are you from? You can find the app searching with 'm&TVtalk' or '엠앤TVtalk' on App Store without changing your App Store region.

  2. Thank you for your reply. In Japan, this application is not availabl. We have to jump to Korea or US to get it but without residential address, we cannot create account ... So I wonder why the overseas fans in Asia can get this applicatin.

  3. Hello I have a problem I can't sing up in this app :( what's wrong :( I'm from Saudi Arabia