Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Malaysian fan tried to trap Kim Hyun Joong with ring, he anxiously took it off

Like seriously...we couldn't help but laugh aloud at this news from one of Malaysia's Chinese newspapers, Kwong Wah Daily... Too funny... =))
A bit of an Oh-Ha-Ni vs Baek Seung Jo moment, ya? XP

News posted on: Kwong Wah Daily on 22nd Aug at 3.49pm
Translated by: OnlyKHJtimes
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  1. aiyoh! apa ni...dun scare him off ler...later he thinks Malaysian fans psycho apa... come back soon Kim Hyun Joong! Waiting for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fighting!

  2. yeah it's quite funny but also a bit annoying... if you want to give him a gift, please give it in a proper way.

  3. 김현중은 내꺼야! (^_^)