Saturday, August 13, 2011

The "healing powers" of U:zoosin

We posed this question online yesterday:

Then we stumbled upon an amazing Japanese fan of HJ yesterday night, @k_sonrisa66. Her profile info kinda gave us an inkling as to why HJ is known as an artist in the 'healing' category in Japan:

After we tweeted about what an interesting profile info she has, @k_sonrisa66 herself sent us a lovely message this morning and gave us more insight into the 'healing  powers' of our U:zoosin...

She said:                        [Note: click on pic to enlarge]
We found what she said so beautiful that we couldn't stop ourselves from re-posting it share with those who may equally find themselves being healed or having been healed by HJ's warmth and zest for life. 
Thank you @k_sonrisa66, for this beautiful message this morning. And please know that many of us, though we are not in Japan, we feel and mourn every time for your tragedies and losses. Your unwavering strength and remarkable resilience have been inspiring...Hwaiting!! 

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