Saturday, August 13, 2011

[Eng-sub] ETN News: Prominent Jap media & record label companies watched HJ's Jap showcase

Amidst all the frenzied excitement from the start of HJ's Asia Tour in Vietnam, there was little time (or attention) that we could pay on translating works. But thankfully, we have a good chingu who has joined our team so maybe with the extra hands, we will be able to do more. 

Below is a video clip on HJ's Break Down showcase in Zepp Tokyo's music hall [29 July 2011], as broadcast by ETN News on 11 Aug, which gives an interesting look into how intensely popular our namja is in Japan. Thank you all you lovely Japanese fans, for giving HJ so much support and love... 

Translated + subbed by: OnlyKHJtimes (@OnlyKHJtimes on Twitter)
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