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[Eng trans] Kiss (Me) Sweet, Kim Hyun Joong (heart)...exclusive interview with ANAN

Lifted from popular Japanese magazine, ANAN, Pg 54-55, Feb. 15th issue. 
Article entitled "Kiss (Me) Sweet, Kim Hyun Joong (heart)", exclusive interview only with ANAN.
Translated by OnlyKHJtimes ( / @onlyKHJtimes on Twitter)
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Q: What was the thing that caused you to laugh out loud recently?
KHJ: I watched "ondarusemu", which was a Korean comedy TV programme. I don't usually watch TV. I had just turned on the TV by chance, then a popular comedian, Mr Yu Se Yoon was imitating animals! It was so funny and I don't usually laugh out loud, but that time i couldn't help bursting into laughter.

Q: When did you cry recently?
KHJ: I won't cry at all even when watching sad movies. Because I would feel embarassed if friends saw me crying. I don't watch movies alone. (I don't usually cry but) I cried only on June 7th, last year. Tears were coming out without my noticing at the showcase in Seoul. That was the first event since I became a solo singer. But I didn't cry out, my eyes just got wet and tears dropped out a little bit.

Q: What was the thing that you got angry recently?
KHJ: Well, I haven't gotten angry recently. I don't always have the feeling of "anger", so I can't remember when and for what reason I got angry the last time. (I think) You get angry because your selfish needs aren't understood by other people. (But) Things won't change even if you get angry. So I think the clever way would be to try to solve the problem rather than getting angry.

Q: What would you do if you hadn't become an entertainer?
KHJ: I think I would hold a job related to music because I can't live without music. There're many kinds of jobs related to music even if you're not a musician, aren't there? Music exists among people. (For example) the ringtone of a cell phone is related to music... but my ringtone is always kept silent. I feel kind of embarassed if (my) cell phone rings.

Q: You belong to the entertainers' football team, "FC MEN". Which position are you good at?
KHJ: The position isn't fixed. For me, I will go on the attack when I'm feeling fine and play defense when I'm feeling tired, but I (usually) have the confidence to go forward. I don't know why but only that my feet are two-handed (ambidextrous - meaning he is equally adept in using both feet to score). I feel that's my benefit as I can shoot with both my feet. I don't attempt heading unless it's very important because there would be some problems if I am injured on the face. That's the fate of entertainers.

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