Thursday, September 1, 2011

Now that Hyun Joong has gone home...

He has visited so many countries in the past two weeks...
He has touched so many of our lives in so many different ways...
He has been given so many different titles by so many people and media from different countries...
"Heavenly King", "Prince of Asia", "Hallyu King"...
So we ask: 
What is HJ to you?
Are you a true-blue Henecian? 
Is HJ the ONLY ONE for you?
Here's a little game:
Tell us why you love HJ, using your Twitter ID - coz we no like anonymous - in the comment section below. We dare you to... XP


  1. Yay! I'm the 1st one!!
    Love him coz he's GENUINE! Totally unpretentious, totally funny, totally candid!
    Yes, I pledge that he's my ONLY ONE. There's no other but KHJ...
    Hwaiting! ~ @HYUNtimes

  2. I love HJ soooo much because he is my everything!! his is the best singer,actor,and he is the model ever!!! I can be crazy if I didnt hear his song atleast 3 times a day!!!... he is gorgeous too.. I love his smile the most!!! ~@KHJwifey~

  3. 沙发被抢了! ㅠㅠㅠ

    爱他的真, 爱他的诚, 爱他的四次元, 爱他对粉丝的关爱, 爱他的一切一切~~~~

    对他忠心不二, 绝不爬墙~~~ @aixianzhong

  4. I swear on Kim Hyun Joong abs that he is the only one! I am learning so much about him this past 6 months and I am still in awe of him each day that passes. I have NEVER heard of Kdramas and happen to see one by accident. Looking for another actor, I stumble into Kim Hyun Joong world and he trap me. I have seen boths kdramas, youtube videos, WGM, pictures and pictures and pictures and even went with him on his Asian tour ( by the internet duh ).


  5. Kim Hyun Joong is my motivation despite just being an idol whom can only be seen on teevee; He was the one who brings me up when i was very down past 1 to 2years when i was out of school not knowing what to do in life anymore&feel like giving up everything.

    He taught me alot about what life is about&not to give up but to continue strive in it until everyone sees it. Living life to the fullest&bless the others. Moreover, i fall for him at the very first sight when i saw him in the very first episode of boys over flower which turn me into a super bias of his&a true blue henecian from his planet! Of course, a dedicated tripleS!

    He might not be the only one for me, but certainly he's the special one for everyone else because there's only one Kim Hyun Joong that can be so awesome existing in all of our heart! ♥

    - @pinkylicious__ / @huichingpinky (private) -

  6. soo here i am, this may be looong, because serously there sooo many reasons why i love HJ,i may not be able to say all of them, but i will try :D
    i started liking HJ since playful kiss (not that long i know T__T, but it's better late than never ^^) soo first of all, during playful kiss, i just found him SOOOOOO HANDSOOOME!!! and then, i got curious about this guy (in my country k-culture isn't famous T__T) i found out about WGM, i watched it and BOOM!! i fell in love with him! i loved the way he talks, the way he's always sayinf those 4D things, the way he smiles *Q*, the way he laughs....i loved everything about him, but it wasn't enough, i wanted to know more about him, i found out about SS501's and HJ's shows, and he was always annoying me!! how can sooo many incredible stuffs be in one and only man?
    i also love the way he cares about his fans, the way he's always doing his best and trying hard in order to satisfy them.
    I love it when he's having fun with his members, and when he's showing his leadership skills.
    i love hearing his voice, just hearing him singing can bring me a lot of happiness, it's just unreal!
    i love everything about him: the serious HJ, HJ the leader, HJ the singer, HJ the actor, the funny HJ, the 4D HJ...but what i love the most is the kind HJ, i like the way he's using his popularity to help others, he's definitely my role model, HJ is the one who makes me believe in my dreams, that no matter what we should be patient and believe in ourselves, that we can do it, and that once we achieve our goal, we have to help others achivers theirs. Thank you HJ for filling up my life, and giving me the strenght to move forward, i never had the chance to meet tou, unfortunately, but you can look forward to it, i'll do my best to achieve my dream, and it's meeting you!!

    sorry for my bad english :s :s

  7. Love his Smiles, his Passion and his Big Heart! Love EVERYTHING about him from top to bottom, inside and out! ;) So yes, he is my one and only! @lycheerose

  8. Yes, me pledge with my right hand on my heart that Kim Hyun Joong is the ONLY ONE for me and no one else.He stays TRUE to himself and to the fans, humble, modest, charming, genuine like no other, kind, and passionate about things that he cares about, well-mannered and the list goes on... In short,he is a good role model for the young and the old.


  9. I love him because there's this magic in him that makes me smile when I'm sad and down, makes me go on with my life if I can't see any hope, makes me stand up every time I fall and gives me strength when I feel like I'm weak.

    He's one the major sources of my happiness... My love for him can't be explained! >.<

    I may have other guys in my life... But I promise that the biggest part of my heart belongs to my first ever true love, Kim Hyun Joong!


  10. Hyun Joong~! he captured my heart~! *cheesy* first time i saw him was on BOF~ at that time i wasn't giving him alot of attention XD
    & so i was surfing around searching for BOF's OST~ & i saw there that ss501 sang 2 of it (?) & found out that he's the leader~
    & so i was researching about him XD~ then i found out that he sang "because i'm stupid (acoustic version) & really his voice is just so AWESOME! i really love it! that's why when the BOF was replayed again~ I only watched his parts! & those parts when his song was played & the part where he sang there in Macau (:
    & as i was thoroughly checking him out~ i saw that he was married~ & so i got curious & watched those videos~ & later i found out it was just his virtual wife (haha!) but this couple is just so different from the others~ it made them UNIQUE~ they're one of a kind!
    & that was the time I HAVE REALLY REALLY JEONGMAL FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM~~~ at first coz of his 4DNESS~ really he got me there! haha! I was laughing so hard that i can't get enough of it! (:
    & later i have LOVE him a LOT MORE~ he has this personality that i know he CARES A LOT to this person but he just can't show it coz his not that kind of person~~ but when he speaks you know all his feelings are there! he LOVES those people around him! esp. his brothers SS501 & his FANS~! he treasures everything! ^^
    he has this own world that when u let yourself IN to that place you will understand him & will LOVE him for sure! he's our U-zoosin! (:
    & last but not the least~ he is a GOOD LOOKING MAN with a GOOD HEART! ^_^

    -- @4DLurveMe

  11. Reading some of these comments really teared us up...Thx for sharing...keep 'em coming! If u love him, dun be shy!

  12. I really love hyunjoong and i believe his the only one for me, love his 4D-ness, he is very unique, loved him so much in WGM[so cute!], he has good leadership skills in ss501 and he cares for his fans ! Reallyreally love him , when i see him , i felt that my heart beats faster and faster ! I reallyreally admire him for his hardwork for showing a different side of him ! I wished i had some of his personalities, like how he is determined to work hard to repay fans' love for him.


  13. My daughter intro me to BOF, i first met Yoon Jihoo and it was love at first sight. checked HJ out in SS501 and fell for them as well.

    Happily searching YT for more info and found WGM by accident, boy was i glad, His 4Dness in WGM, his determination to win, his charm n how he dedicate a song to Hwangbo meltz me..

    There is no turning back, he is the One and only One for me..


  14. 당신은 왜 김현중을 사랑하는가...

    드라마를 보다보면 가끔 나오는 대사가 있어요.
    그 사람 어디가 좋아요? - 다 좋아요.
    그 사람을 왜 좋아해요? - 모르겠어요.
    당신은 그 사람을 사랑하는군요.

    어느날 문득 돌아보니
    나는 김현중을 찾아헤메고 있더라구요.
    그 외에 다른 적절한 대답이 떠오르지가 않네요.ㅎㅎ
    김현중이니까 좋은가봐요.
    네... 김현중이라서 좋아요.
    식상한 표현이지만 이게 제 마음인가봐요. ^^

  15. I love him not just for his looks, but also for his talent, his charm, his wit, his dedication for his work, his determination to improve his skills, and his above all, his benevolence.

    I really admire the charity work that he has done and continues to do here in the Philippines. The fact that the charitable institution he supports is one for unwed / single mothers shows how much of a gentleman he is, and how he knows to treat women. ^^

    My love.

    He is kind, sweet, adorable, hardworking, and also NATURAL and HUMOROUS. I love his 4Dness, he is PERFECT in my heart and I always wonder how can such a beautiful person exist in this world. He is a great creation by the God, I love him so much because of his good characteristics, and I think his good looking is a bonus that makes him shines brightly in the arena of world, the most important thing is his inner beauty! Haha.

    I am addicted to him, he is just like a poison and I can't live without him. He makes my life beautiful, he has a magic which can make me feel happy all the time, his SMILE is totally a poison!!! OMG I can't describe how much I love him, I will always love and support him.

    Kim Hyun Joong you are the No.1 and only one for me! <3

    By: @michylui

  17. Part 1 When I started to really like Kim Hyun Joong these are the words I would often say about him: Kim Hyun Joong can make me smile! Kim Hyun Joong can make me laugh! Kim Hyun Joong can make me scream! The first time I noticed him was just like most of his fans when Boys Over Flowers was shown in our country. At first, I just liked his eyes and his lips. Then I started to research on him, actually on the four flower boys but I dropped the rest after knowing more about Kim Hyun Joong. He is just so funny, so smart, so honest, so crazily straightforward in his interviews. Then I heard him sing in EP14 of BOF in Macau. It is the first time I appreciated pink in guys especially on him hehe He was wearing pink or something close to that shade, remember? At that time, there were only a few blogs, perhaps mostly on SS501. I remember in Dec 2009, I kept on reading entries in crunchyroll. I wonder if it is still around. So much information there. I remember I tried to watch BOF nonstop until 5am in the morning. I listened to all the OSTs of BOF. My favorites were Because Im Stupid and Making a Lover. Then I found out it was sang by SS501 then I found out that he is the Leader. That was when I also started to like SS501. I watched all the youtube videos I could find about him especially those with Eng subs. Then I saw him dance like he was floating in the Ur Man rehearsal. I slowly fell in love with him. I kept on quoting: He can sing, he can dance, he is the best endorser, so goodlooking in all angles, he can play the guitar, the violin, the piano, he is so versatile. He can also be a great comedian. The first few very funny videos I watched were those from Strong Hearts YSMM videos, where he admitted ran away from home. So brave of him to admit that. Then I also liked Star Secret videos which were specially made for him. I can still imagine him so cute going to the bank depositing his coins. He learned the value of money at a very young age. And he already knew what he wanted at a very young age. When I was his age, I still so childish. Then his other interview promoting BOF where he tried all the rides in Everland. Then I also watched WGM, Thank you for Raising Me Up, Thank you for Waking Me Up. Youth Investigates Life. Of course Star Golden Bell series. Then more Strong Hearts guestings where he talked about seeing ghosts. I really like the way he tells stories. hehe I keep on looking for videos of his interviews and especially fan accounts thus I realized how he cares so much for his fans, family, his friends, staff and everyone else. I also understood how shy he was especially at first meetings and especially with girls. hehe I watched and read so many but this is in any order.

  18. Part 2 Then recently in his Breakdown promotion, he has again revealed so many things that make your jaw drop. Sometimes you want to tell him to stop. There are so many things that make you smile, smirk, feel touched and laugh again. In his radio guestings, TV guestings especially in Running Man hehe Every Night, Strong Hearts again, Guirella Date, Beatles Code, Happy Together(haha) Secret of course(hehe) and so many others. And because of him, I found my way to Seoul, to watch his Breakdown Showcase, my first time in South Korea. hehe Then I watched all his performances in MNET, Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo for four straight weeks witnessing how happy he was winning two weeks in a row both in MNET and Music Bank. I watched all his radio guestings in KBS. I found my way to MTN Awards, walking with him in the streets of Hongdae in Guerilla Date, Hangten Coffee Event, watched KBS Open concert on that day thanks to generous Koreans fans, been to his fansigns in Yongsan, Times Square, Incheon and Daejeon. It was tiring but everyday we always looked forward to seeing him. On top of that I met so many fans from different countries. Today, I still can say all those words, I said about him earlier but I have added more. Kim Hyun Joong made me a better person, Kim Hyun Joong made me more patient, Kim Hyun Joong made me more understanding, Kim Hyun Joong also made me a fighter! and Kim Hyun Joong made me a crazy fangirl!^^ So sorry for the long entry...

  19. After writing all of these, I still have missed so many things I like about him...but thanks for allowing me to pour out some here. hehe

  20. No prob peeps.. Pls keep pouring out ur thoughts here if you so wish. Reading these also energises us in some ways to be better alien soldiers, to help spread more news and info about our U:zoosin, even when we are bogged down with personal stuff... Coz it is inspiring to know there are many others who have been bitten by the powerful KHJ bug... ^^
    BUT do leave us a Twitter name at least - coz if you truly love, you shouldnt hide behind a cloak of anonymity...but bravely put a name to your declaration of love and/or pledge of fealty... Hehe.. XP