Saturday, September 17, 2011

[NEWS] Kim Hyun Joong stole the limelight of the 4 Heavenly Queens at Shenzhen Concert

Kim Hyun Joong totally rocked the Springs Cocoon Shenzhen Bay Stadium yesterday night in the "Very Perfect" 2011 Shenzhen Concert. The main features of the programme were supposed to be the 4 heavy-weights female artistes of the Chinese music industry...but...Kim Hyun Joong proved he was the KING of the night.
Someone remarked that Chinese Sina Weibo was also in a frenzy yesterday, with many non-fans getting a speed-up lesson on who this mysterious blondie is. She said:
"One of the hottest phrase being tweeted was: 'Who is Kim Hyun Joong?' (金贤重是谁). Because he turned the concert of various stars into a personal concert; the stadium's 50,000 people were all HOLD (read: captivated) by him. At the venue, his fans were the loudest, the brightest and the most supportive. When Kim Hyun Joong came on stage, many people wondered why the scene suddenly became so high. This is because he is Kim Hyun Joong."
There were many interesting tweets from non-fans who were shocked and surprised by this mysterious Korean superstar. Just to pick one from @夏沫-Sabrina, who tweeted: "The legendary Korean flower boy...The whole stadium is heated to a boiling point because of him. The 90's girl beside me could actually fall asleep when Mother Kwan (Shirley Kwan) was singing. (But) just as Kim Hyun Joong appeared, she came alive and kept shouting Obba, Obba. At that moment, the 90s kids had all gone crazy. I'm beginning to feel I'm old now."
So yes, King Hyun Joong stole the thunder from all the other artistes that night and even the media remarked on it. We're so proud of our namja, our U:zoosin, our KING!! ^^ 
Check out the translated news below.

Original news is posted today at: Netease Entertainment [Sept 17, 2011]
Reported by APPLE of the Guangdong & Hong Kong Reporting Group
Translated by: OnlyKHJtimes
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  1. Wow!!! You are speedy lightning as well in terms of translating the news. Been checking for updates on how he did in China as it is his first performance there as a solo artist.

    Thanks much!!!

  2. so I'm on the right track by checking this site to find some news on what the media reactions would be concerning Hyun Joong's last night's stage performance,kekeke^^..thank you for doing the translation OnlyKHJtimes!!..i indeed read these kinds of tweets too!!Hyunjoong really rocks!!!DAEBAK!!^^

  3. @dandelionhyun: Hehe..We don't update as often as other HJ blogs really, so thanks for having thought of us and checking in!

    @Anonymous (Sept 17; 2:54pm): Coincidentally it was the weekend so we had some time to do this. ^^

  4. it was fun reading the comments at weibo and also your twitter updates. I was smiling from ear to ear hehe