Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[Video] MTV Taiwan: Artist of the Month for Aug - KHJ

Chinese to Eng translation by: OnlyKHJTimes

[Intro words on screen: MTV Artist of the Month – The new superstar of Korea, KHJ]
Hello everybody, I am KHJ!
[On screen: The Korean male solo-singer with the highest album sales of the year; Korea's new super star, KHJ, with popularity exploding across Asia]

HJ: The launch of BD this time, the primary focus is to reveal a more manly side (of me). 
To present more musical variety, the five songs chosen this time each have their own distinctive appeal.
The title track Break Down, just like it’s name, is to just ‘break down’ everything (in your path).
In producing this album, my thought was to chart a new beginning (journey).
Hope fans can understand all the thoughts and feeling that I want to convey through this album.
Taiwanese fans have always been very supportive of me, but sadly I am not able to regularly visit Taiwan. I’m very sorry for that.
This year, I will really do my best and will definitely come to Taiwan, so hope fans will be anticipating my performance in Taiwan!

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