Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[Updated] HJ: Only losers would blame it on bad luck...

We love translating this excerpt from the Wine & People’s book. It was a nice insight into how HJ thinks and we love what he said here: “(I think) only losers would blame it on bad luck...” He knew he tried his best and if he didn’t do as well as he wanted to, he’s honest and man enough to accept that perhaps his best wasn’t good enough this time. (Though fans would beg to differ!)

Since PK, he has picked himself up and gamely moved on forward, a little worse for wear from all the blood-lusting media frenzy at first, but never faltering, and never giving in. That’s the namja we love...he’s like the Penfolds Grange wines in a way...the longer we support, nurture and watch him grow, the more priceless he becomes.

Our chingu-cum-editor @howlovelylala also remarked: “I feel proud of my star when I read this article...” You said it, Lala...^^

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