Friday, August 26, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong 3rd Day in Malaysia - TheFaceShop

HJ's third and final day in Malaysia on 22 Aug was reserved exclusively for TheFaceShop's activities. He visited two TFS outlets - one in Pavilion in the morning around 10.20am, and the other at Berjaya Times Square around 3.30pm. We didn't manage to follow him to the first outlet, but we managed to catch the Prince at the 2nd venue...where there was also a charity auction, product launch and a fan-signing for 100 lucky shoppers, as well as pic-taking with 10 top-TFS-spenders.  

Just after HJ visited the Times Square outlet on the 1st floor, all reporters and fans ran, literally RAN, downstairs to the stage area that was set up outside the huge main entrance of Times Square. 
However, before HJ even show up yet on stage, and while the atmosphere was charged with anticipation, the MC suddenly kick-started the charity auction, taking many fans aback. 
Hence, at first, the reaction to the auction was like... >,<... as fans were waiting for HJ to show up first!
But luckily, just as HJ was about to show, an Iranian girl bid RM3,000 for his autographed-cardboard standee...Then the knee-protectors were also quickly auctioned off for RM2,000.
When HJ came on-stage, he immediately met them and took pics with them. Then the MC joked about maybe getting one more personal item from HJ for the auction, and fans indicated his earring, so HJ immediately offered it...but it was an expensive pair...but the MC observed that it was an expensive pair, with some precious stone or something. So she quickly said it was okay and said maybe next time, when HJ is wearing a less expensive pair. ^^
Generous as HJ was, I think she didn't want to push it. Which is only fair. Also, HJ might be wearing a sponsored piece, who knows? LoL*
After the auction, HJ launched the BB Power Perfection Cream. He turned left, centre and right with his charming smile...everywhere he turned, all eyes followed. hehee..
Then the pic-taking (where almost EVERYONE of the 10 got a hug from him!) and autograph session started. One fan went up with her little girl and plonked her on the table in front of HJ...then the little girl said shyly, 'Saranghe', to our namja! Of course HJ smiled happily in return! Sadly, coz I was busy tweeting the updates from the scene, I was unable to catch a pic of this! *sigh*
One of the last few fans who went up were TS Malaysia peeps...and one of them was also a pregnant mother...and when HJ knew that she was pregnant, he immediately wished for her that she would bear a cute and beautiful baby. *soooo sweet!*
Just before the event ended, it was announced by the MC that a fan topped up RM1,000 to the charity event which the auction was in support of that day...and the generous fan, whom we later got to know was @FaraBelle, got called onto the stage by HJ himself...and GOT A HUG from him! T_T....So jealous... LoL! but..DAEBAK girl! =)
So with TFS topping up another RM5,000, altogether, the charity auction raised RM11,000 that day - not bad, considering what a muck-of-a-job the MC made of it at first. LoL*

[Note: click on pic to enlarge to savour the HD quality]

The Prince has arrived!

Charming smile to dazzle the crowd!!

HJ: Oh you want me to pose with my siggie? Orite..^^

Yeah...this is what some have dubbed as the Kim Hyun Joong BB Cream~he just launched it in Malaysia on Monday. Over a million pieces have been sold already in Korea!

Such a happy smile!! *melted*
The girl next to HJ won his card-board standee for RM3,000 during the auction, while the other took home a pair of knee-protectors he had worn in some footie for RM2,000. Congratulations!

Well, if those are not enough...and

My earrings are also fine... yeah...this pair...this one..

Seeing the crowd's passionate response, HJ grinned even wider...embarrassed

Generous as HJ was, the organiser didn't take advantage...
maybe next time HJ dearie! When you're wearing a less expensive pair larr! =)) 
Then, it was the launch of the BB cream,
that seemed so much like an advert photo-shoot *LoL*

Come on, come on...don't be shy..he seems to be saying..

Fan-signing started. Many fans love to bring their children to meet U:zoosin...
Sometimes it almost seemed like they're seeking his blessings. LoL*

Doesn't his expression just shouts: "Oh it's you!" ^^

Looking at him through the camera lens just 
isn't the same as looking at him with your own eyes...

One for the album before farewell!

Sigh...wish it had lasted longer...Once you've clapped eyes on KHJ, you'll always crave for more!


  1. Hi! Thanks for all the updates and the beautiful photos of our darling KHJ! He is simply gorgeous, our boy!

  2. No prob! Just happy to share the little we managed to capture. XD