Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong 2nd Day in Malaysia: HD Hi-5 pics

Hyun Joong arrived at the fan-met at 4.15pm and left at 4.40pm. Even he himself was surprised that the hi-5 ended so quickly and remarked on it, while thanking everyone for observing all the rules and being so cooperative. 

Apologies in advance for the not-so-great shots. But these are still high-def shots and we hope to just give you an idea of his amazingly bright smiles today.

He was wearing brownish-grey vest & pants with a white shirt. He looked to be in a very good mood today - perhaps he got some rest and had a chance to go around Malaysia earlier this morning? Hope so!!

Oh, almost forgot: as usual, HJ changed the hi-5 to a hand-shake event..but then some fans still high-fived him...and some even went to high-10 him. Our sweetie U:zoosin of course happily obliged...*happysigh* ~ Sorry, I'm still dazzled by his beautiful smiles... Many fans also took the chance to give him some presents: he took some himself and some - like big bags or parcels - his handsome bodyguard, Mr Jeong, received on his behalf.

When he appeared on stage, he answered some quick questions from the MC, questions which were gathered from just about 10-15 minutes before HJ arrived. Among the questions he answered were: he loves Malaysia & would be coming back here for a concert as part of an Asia Tour concert that he's planning...MY's stop is probably early next year, around Jan or Feb. Oh, there were quite some fan-boys going on-stage to see him too. At last rough count, there were 8.

Tomorrow, HJ will be appearing at TFS outlet in Pavillion, KL, at 11am, and later, at the TFS Berjaya Times Square outlet, at 3pm. There'll be autograph-signing and pic-taking with lucky selected fans! The events are public and if you're in Malaysia, ppalli ppalli go and show him some love! hehehe...

[Note: click on pic to enlarge to savour the HD quality!]

ONLY ONE!! "Kim Hyun Joong"

Lovely fans!

"Oh yes...I am Kim Hyun Joong...erm...Are you all here for me?" *macros for fun!*

Here's his trademark dazzling smile!!

HJ: "Want more? Sure! Here's another one..." *imagined macros for fun only!*

Listening attentively to the MC's question

Then, listening attentively to the translator's version

Aww~here's one to melt your hearts!! =)

The Hi5 event (well, maybe low-five now)  started..LoL

A fan showed him her...Henecia membership card?! CooooL!

Ah! U:zoosin lightstick! This one's an alien soldier!!

Totally charmed...not just the one receiving his smile, but all on-lookers too! *sigh*

HJ seems to want to ask: "You really think I'm cute? Really?" ^^

Yay! fanboy rocks!

We think HJ must be thinking:  "Erm, this isn't your boyfriend?" LoL

Awww~^^   Yeah, forget Hi5! Let's do Hi-10 instead!! kekee..

"All done dy? That was fast..." *image macro just for fun*

Princely smile again~...=)

Buh-bye everyone!! Seeya all tomorrow!

[All pics: credit OnlyKHJtimes]


  1. Jeongmal gümãwOo for the pictured !!
    I had Hi5 n now I even hv a pic w HJ !!
    I took my Henecia card out n hoping HJ can hand the card to me personally.. But he seems so lost !! Anyway now my card has HJ's fingerprint !! I seal it in a plastic holder !!
    Once again Ghamsa hamnida...
    Love ya,

  2. Syazwani: Awww...Dun miss again the nxt time! He's coming down for concert in Jan/Dec... So hope to see you there!! =))

    Modern_mum: No prob! So glad we could share with you your wonderful moment with HJ... ^^

  3. thank you so much for posting up the picture! the caption is so cute!! haha..:) i really like the picture! :D
    p/s:i'm the one with the 'cute' caption.
    thanks again! :D

  4. Omo! Lucky u!!! That smile was a very very cute and dangerous smile...glad to know u 'survived' the encounter with the magnetic U:zoosin!! ^^

  5. thanks for those HD pics... so clear and make me feel less upset cos he's not coming to my country, hehe ^^

  6. No probs selvm0rd.. he surely will make his way to wherever u are one day... else, let's go storm Korea for him! ^^