Monday, August 8, 2011

HJ: I’d like to perform on different stages around the world...hope everyone can believe in me & support me

Eng-subbed by: OnlyKHJtimes 
Edited by: @howlovelylala on Twitter
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This video clip from Kanpu Wide Tok Tok Star was aired recently (26 July, 2011) in Japan, although the interview proper was actually conducted with HJ when he was still in the midst of promoting Break Down - as we can tell from his hairstyle - probably some time in June.
Let's hear HJ talk about his solo debut album preparation, his aspirations, whether he feels lonely going solo, how many marks he gives himself in terms of being romantic, and how he'd address his girlfriend, if he has one. ^^ Dozo ~ Check it out!

갈비탕 Kalbi-tang (beef-rib soup)

감자탕  Gam Ja Tang (spicy pork-bone soup with potato)

감자탕 라면  Gam Ja Tang with Ramen

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