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Japanese TV host on HJ: He is really very unique and innocent

On 29th July, on arriving in Japan, after his 1-hour showcase to promote his debut solo album before 1,800 fans + some 200 reporters from various media, HJ attended a Fuji TV's prog, a sort of Summer Festival prog if you will. Below are two video clips of the highlights of the event + some comments by the Jap media about our 4D Prince...

Mezamashi Saturday
Jap to Chinese translations by: Magic + 疯靡501
Chinese to Eng translations by OnlyKHJTimes

MC: Today’s showcase will be featuring an appearance by Mr KHJ

Voiceover: KHJ, as ss501’s leader, together with TVXQ, has, in the world of music, has become a focal point (names that cannot be left out) of the Hallyu Wave. The TV series in which he was the lead actor has already been screened in Japan, further increasing his popularity here. [Screen shows an excerpt from Playful Kiss]
Last month, he debuted as a solo-singer and (today) he is joining a live performance at Odaiba.
Today, some 6000 audience turned up.

MC: [spotting some fans] Wow, that’s incredible. What is it? [Indicating the fan’s raincoat]
1stFan: I made it myself!
MC: How is he (KHJ) different from other Hallyu Wave artists?
2ndFan: (He’s in the) healing category. [Note: Japanese likes to categorise artists according to their different appeals]
1stFan: He can heal (or give comfort to) us.
MC: What are his good points?
3rdFan: His 4D-ness.
MC: 4D-ness?

Voiceover: Although cannot fully understand what some of the fans are saying, but the atmosphere is heating up. Then, at 4.30pm, the live show starts. Hyun Joong, with his sunglasses – exhibits an aura of wildness, but at the same time, in his Kiss Kiss song, he shows a sweet performance on stage, mesmerising the fans who are in attendance.

MC: You’ve worked hard!
HJ: Today’s is such a hot day but still so many fans came, I feel very happy.
MC: You’re sweating a lot!
HJ: Yeah...
MC: But even though you are all sweaty, you still give off a very refreshing feel.
HJ: (embarassed) Ah thanks...

Voiceover: Between a song like Break Down that is so macho and Kiss Kiss that is so cute, which one is actually the real KHJ?

HJ: Even though both songs give off completely different feelings, both are also (indicative of) the real me. (Meanwhile) in Please, it shows the face of a real man. I want to let everybody see different facets of myself.

Voiceover: Mr KHJ is really very handsome oh!

[Back to studio]
Host: Yes! Very handsome indeed. Even fans said he was just like a prince that had stepped out from the manga.
-End of 1st clip-


-2nd clip-

Voiceover: KHJ showcase pictorial!

Male Host with moustache: Korea’s red-hot Kim Hyun Joong has performed a showcase in Japan today with his song Break Down. While the dramas he acted in - Boys Over Flowers + Playful Kiss – are still very popular, he’s finally returned to the stage as a serious singer. His (debut solo) album this time incorporates a change from a boy to a man. The photos this time, please watch:
Female Host: Freshly out of the oven! Check it out!
Male Host: This is a pic captured during his complex dance routine. Originally I thought he’s (changed into) this handsome + charismatic image, but then we see...
Female Host: ah! Very cute!
Male Host: Very cute, right? Then look at this one (indicating the nxt pic).
Female Host: His chest muscles look very well-developed ah...
Male Host: Yes
Female Host: Looks like he has put on a star (don’t understand this exactly – perhaps in reference to his exposed nipple?) It seems like it’s a different image from the one we see in Playful Kiss.
Male Host: Ballads + dance tunes, altogether, there are six songs in his new album. This one (indicating the next pic) is a pic taken before the showcase in the afternoon, during the press conference. Looking at his smile, it still brings to mind his pleasant demeanour from his earlier days + the time when he was the leader of SS501.

[Back to studio]
Female Host: Yes. Keido (referring to the the 2nd male MC), what do you think?
Keido: Yes, his face can totally captivate your attention. He is really really very handsome. During the interview (no reference given which interview or when), he also answered questions very steadily. And surprisingly, he is actually a very humorous person.
Recently, in a radio show (in Korea), in a segment of the prog to chat with listeners about romance problems, he revealed something about himself. He said he got dumped after calling his ex-gf his former gf’s name.
Female Host: He totally didn’t avoid (the topic) and revealed this incident!
Keido: Yes! I was also wondering at the time, should he be revealing such things?
Male Host: It seems like he is really unique and his character is really innocent. 
-End of 2nd clip-

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